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INFONOR is an Argentine company with an experience gained during 18 years of exclusive dedication to the development of IT Solutions in the most diverse technologies, from large-scale installations to Mobile Solutions on PDAs and Mobile Phones.

Our innovative nature has been present in all areas. For example, in the management of large companies through a Parametric Billing Solution for Services, which for more than 13 years has allowed Telefónica de Argentina, Telecom, and Omint Medicina to bill over one billion dollars by making use of the flexibility of our system.

Likewise, our Mobile Solutions Business Unit has been a pioneer since 1997, as it has developed more than 50 applications, either for corporate needs or massive consumption. For the last three years, this Unit has mainly been dedicated to Mobile Phones developments and has experienced the greatest expansion at INFONOR.

Our applications for massive consumption and those oriented to information and entertainment have been distributed in more than 180 countries, and we have sold more than 800,000 licenses. The 90% of them has been granted to companies to innovate their Mobile Marketing processes.

Quality and excelence constitute our constant concern. This allowed us to obtain from NSTL (National Software Testing Labs) the Certification for our applications, complying with the most demanding international standards of the Java Verified Program.

Our company background

Back in 1990, when the “Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (ENTEL)” of Argentina was privatized, part of the take-over tasks pertaining to the systems area, and in particular to the billing area, was handed over to the people who today manage our company. From that year onwards, a process of growth was initiated, related to the development of multiple projects associated to the industry of telecommunications.

Our staff is composed of first-rate professionals with ample experience in a vast array of functions, including consultancy, process redesign, functional design, systems engineering, process operation, program coding, training, as well as various tasks related to systems engineering.

Excecutive Summary
• Professional experience that spans more than 13 years in the IT market
• Joint projects in cooperation with leading international consultancy firms
• International presence in Spain and Chile
• Consultancy professionals and development of information systems
• Main portal in Spanish devoted to mobile computer system (a.k.a. PDA’s) and mobile phone users
• Development of massive consumption applications and corporate systems in the mobile arena
• More than 1.300.00 man-hours of consultancy and development to date
Services and Products
• Consulting
• Turnkey sistems
• Systems maintenance
• Manpowering
• Development of sites and Internet/Intranet applications
• Development of applications for mobile devices
• Data processing
• Data hosting
• Staff training / Learning services
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