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Telecomunications Consulting
Since our inception, our company has committed itself to consultancy and to the development of projects related to the telecommunications industry.
In Argentina proper, we have worked on the most relevant projects for the following leading enterprises:
Telefónica Argentina Proyect:

- Billing for Cooperatives
- Semipublic long-distance services billing
- External ownership of telephone booths billing
- Special products billing system
- International calls prebilling
- International calls consultation system
- Management statistics for price rebalancing
- Corporate Consumtion Base (Data Warehouse)
Moreover, our consultants were in charge of the following areas:

- Management budget control of the billing and collection system
- Management control for request administration
- Committee for the development coordination

We also participated in key areas in the following projects:

- Billing system customized for large customers
- New consumption, billing and collection system
- Registration and consultation of ticket system (SIMIT)
- Prebilling of intelligent network services system
- New process design for the development of products and services
- Committee for network and service planning
- Corporate data warehouse
- Administration of human resources system
- Fraud detection system
Fondo TELECOM (Telecom Argentina S.A.)

Since May 1991, the Special Billing System has undergone maintenance and incremental development. This system, developed especially for Telefónica of Argentina, was handed over by the latter to Telecom, with all the necessary adaptations carried out by Infonor.  Concurrently, a stock control system was developed for the computing management warehouse.

In March 1996, our consulting firm was awarded the tender for the new development of the Special Billing in Visual Basic, with an SQL Server database.  In November of that same year it was set in motion, and currently, maintenance tasks are carried out. This project has involved more than 8.000 hours of development work and around 6.000 hours of maintenance and control. This system allows a turnover of about 40 million US$ dollars per month.

Up to date, more than 20.000 hours of analysis and programming have been used for all of our projects.
Telintar S.A.

We participated in both the elaboration of the processes and in the support systems for the billing of international calls. After this company became divided and absorbed by Telefónica S.A. and TelecomS.A., we took part in the maintenance of both the systems of the pre-billing of international calls and the liquidation to correspondents.
Miniphone S.A.

During the course of 1998 our staff participated in a project in conjunction with Price Waterhouse for the development and installation of a new commercial management and billing system. Moreover, our team was also in charge of quality assurance.
Telsur (Chile):

Together with Deloitte Consulting, our firm participated in a project of management transformation involving several initiatives, such as ABC Costing, Revenue Assurance, Network Capacity Planning, BSS/OSS, ERP and Organizational Development. Infonor was responsible for the Revenue Assurance initiative. All of these areas were reviewed: marketing and sales, service orders, customer service, supplies, billing, collection and interconnection.  More than 100 opportunies of improvement were detected, and 15 were selected right away. Some were implemented, while the rest is under way.

Moreover, the company´s recommendations were carried out at once. More than a 4% increase of the profits is expected as a result of the upgrading

We have developed a comprehensive solution for the billing area
Fondo FLEX (FLEX Parametric Billing System)

From the moment our company was launched, we have strongly focused on the development of solutions regarding the billing of high complexity services. All of our experience has been expressed in the FLEX System/Solution, utilized as a tool for invoice calculation and emission.

This system, wholly parametric, connects to the rest of the company´s applications through ad hoc interface. Thanks to this system, our clients have benefited from, to date, a sum exceeding the one thousand million dollars. Implemented in Telecom, Telefónica de Argentina and Omint, this system allows parameterizing the capture of the items to be billed, so that they can enter from various sources. Parameterization contemplates validation formulas, guaranteeing the correct entry. The calculation of the invoice is performed through the means of formulas that are defined for each one of the concepts that compose it. The terms of the formulas may be concepts that are informed in the entered concepts, referential tables or constants.

The formulas allow multiple operations to associate, such as mathematical operations, table searches and date connections, among others. The calculation of taxes is parameterized in the same way as the rest of the concepts.

Clients can be captured through an automatic interphase with the centralized base of the company or can be entered in the system. The generated concepts and invoices are subject to a process of authorization. The impression is parametric and must be minimally adjusted depending on the chosen format.

Different billing cycles can be established for each one of these services or products.

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