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Downloaded by more than 4 millons users from over 190 countries, Nokia Goal is a complete application that allows you to folow most of the european and latin american football (soccer) championships, using your Nokia mobile phone. Nokia Gol has, among other features, a complete schedule of the selected championship and minute to minute information of the most relevant matches.

NOKIA Version of Nokia Goal optimized for the Nokia Lumia series. The application was redesigned, adopting the new Windows Phone UI, with improved navigation. Nokia Goal for windows phone allows you to access to all the relevant information of the local and internationl football (soccer) championships.
NOKIA The Weather is an application that lets you see weather reports from up to three global locations simultaneously. It has a very simple and flexible set up, which allows you to choose from between 10,000 cities worldwide. All of the information is automatically updated every 30 minutes.

Fourth place in the "Create for Millions" Nokia contest.
NOKIA Development of the mRUGBY application for Motorola Movistar mobile phones

We have developed an application for the coverage of the Rugby World Cup France 2007. The application includes a complete calendar with a minute-by-minute coverage of all the matches, news and statistics, as well as information about past Rugby World Cups.


Implementation of the application for mobile phones mINFO

A mobile version of the Women' Leading publication in Argentina, Peru and Chile. The launch was on Mother´s Day, and received ample publicity coverage by different media. Published once a week, the magazine contains various sections, such as the Horoscope, Fashion, Beauty, Cookery, Beauty and Health.


Implementation of the application for mobile phones mInfo

A Mobile Portal was developed for this musical event in its Argentina and Chile 2006 edition. It contains History, Line Up, Photography, Access maps, as well as ringtones and wallpaper downloads. More than 30.000 mobile phones were preloaded with the application.


Implementation of the application for mobile phones mSports

This project has been achieved exclusively for Nokia and América Móvil (AMX) covering 13 Latin American countries. The Nokia Gol application was preloaded in more than 500.000 mobile phones during the year 2006 throughout the region. The development of the software required more than 5.000 man.hours in a lapse of 8 months.  Besides the application for mobile phones, Infonor offered a complete hosting service with 13 servers based in the United States and Argentina. Our company and its own team of journalists were also responsible for the news content and the real-time update during every match.

The project was successfully concluded, and was highly praised by the client. This achievement allowed this service to expand and implement a new application with information about the local soccer leagues. It is worth noting that this was the first application for mobile phones that Nokia authorized to be named after its own trademark.


Java application to follow Copa Toyota Libertadores

This project has been achieved exclusively for Sony Ericsson and Movistar, official sponsors of the Toyota "Libertadores de America" Football Cup 2007, covering several Latin American countries and including application development, hosting, and content provision and data loading.

The Java application allowed users to follow all matches event “minute-to-minute”, to know the fixture, positions and details of each match (team formations, stadium, referee), as well as breaking news and championship statistics.


Implementation of Infonor forms in the Donostia-San Sebastian City Council

The Municipal Computer Center of the Donostia-San Sebastian City Council (Udal Informatika Zentrua) is the department in charge of providing IT solutions to the City Council of the city of San Sebastian and to other departments, such as the Municipal Police, the Conservatory and Libraries.

The challenge: One of the responsibilities of the Municipal Police is to control the schedules and types of licenses of this city´s bars and restaurants. All of this information is stored in the 5.x Lotus Domino database, whereas some non- variable information is stored in MS Word documents. In order to have access to the information regarding each bar and restaurant, in addition to more documentation concerning municipal regulations, the police had to carry with them several folders with this information on paper sheets. We calculated that the sheets weighed between 2 to 4 kilos. Using Infonor Forms and Infoserver, as well as ODB Palm 515 and Tungsten T, a solution was created that allowed the download of all the variable information of all the bars and restaurants of the city of San Sebastian (more than 4,500 entries).


Development of the policy query system, quoting module and visiting agenda for insurance agents.

MAPFRE, the leading insurance company of Latin America, commissioned Infonor to develop the policy consultation system and the insurance quotation module for automobiles, homes, life and ART with a Palm Platform. The system updates the policy information and values for the calculation of policies on a daily basis, and is synchronized by more than 200 producers throughout the country. This method not only makes appraisal possible, but also answers any query the policyholder might have at any time or place. This application was developed in the year 1999, and is one of the first Palm applications developed in the country.

Due to the success of the solution concerning the policy consultation and pricing, Mapfre requests the development of a system to administrate the agents´ memo in a centralized manner. Through a web application, appointments could be easily assigned and followed up.


Development of the Palm version of the Argentine evening newspaper.

“ La Razón” is the second most read newspaper of Argentina. During the year 2003, it was decided to implement a Palm version of the evening newspaper. Our company was chosen to carry out this development. The application includes a system of automatic synchronization (conduit) that updates the information or the program daily, by just pressing a button.

Our company was in charge of the development of the Palm application, the automatic synchronization with the PC, the subscription system and the website. Only three months after the launch, the Palm version of the “LaRazón” has been unloaded by more than 3000 users.

System development for Techint

EQUIPMENT TRANSFER:  The objective is to control the dispatch and loading of the equipment.  This application was developed for Techint, one of the leading construction companies in the world. By means of this solution, the dispatch and loading of the pipes into the trucks is controlled. Eventually, these trucks carry the pipes to an oil pipeline site where they will be used. 

By way of the bar code, the operator can identify the code of each pipe that has to be dispatched. The system then transfers the information of the pipe to a database that has previously registered each one of the pipes to be dispatched. Every time a pipe is identified, its weight and length is automatically determined, making it possible to control the maximum weight each truck can carry. Once the loading is completed, the detail of the loaded pipes is printed via a thermal printer. This ticket, signed by the driver, remains as an indication of the previous dispatch.

EQUIPMENT FOLLOW-UP: Additionally, we have developed another application that allows the registration of the place where each pipe has been has to be installed, together with other technical characteristics. In both cases, a TXT file is obtained, containing the details of the previous transports and the implemented installation. This type of solution demonstrates how straightforward it is to perform mobile controls on equipment, as well as to achieve impressions in any place with simple equipment.


Implementation of Infonor Forms in Facta Research Mexico

Established in 1979, Facta Research is currently one of the chief and most renowned comprehensive market research agencies in Latin America.

Implemented in Facta Research Mexico, Infonor Forms has enabled the polling of more than 1000 pharmacy clients, increasing both the speed of the surveys and the information analysis. By means of this solution, the surveyor is able to navigate among the forms analyzing the “jumps” according to the obtained responses. Once the survey is finished, the information is downloaded at the end of the day into the company´s database. This information is periodically exported by the system in an Excel file.

Another system has also been implemented through which bar codes pertaining to different medications can be read through a Palm OS device in order to obtain detailed information about them. This process is achieved from a database of more than 6000 entries.

Application implementation for product inspection

Infonor has developed an application allowing products from a company to be inspected in different sales outlets in order to verify the possible defects they might have. It was developed for Clorox Chile and a roll-out is being planned for a number of Latin American countries.

The inspector selects the type of product to be checked, as well as the company and the sales outlet, in this case the supermarket and the room. Subsequently, he chooses each one of the products, the number of samples, and loads the number of defects found using a predetermined defect table. This operation is applied to all the products and sales outlets to be inspected. The PALM™ is synchronized when the inspector finishes his task, and the result of the inspection is available in a database for consultation and follow-up.
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